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You have prepared the site structure of your website, you have decided what all topics to be added to your website; now next step is registering a domain name. But what do you mean by domain and hosting? Let's try to understand by an example.

We all have email ids. But how do you reach the email id? You need to open the internet explorer and then type in and then you reach your desired email id. Now is called your domain.

Now hosting can be explained through another example. We all watch TV but how do we turn it on? We need electricity for this purpose. And Hosting is that electricity for your domain. To allow people to watch your website or your domain on the world wide web, you need hosting. Hosting comes in different types, depending upon their bandwidth, their disk space, price and many more attributes.

We at Assure IT Solutions can help you in all ways possible for successful domain and hosting. Our professional team has been well versed and trained in this aspect and can offer you the best of services in affordable prices. Our long customer base and their satisfaction level is proof of our expertise in the field and booster for your confidence in us as well. So, hold our hands and take your websites to new level of success.