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Responsive Web Design What It Is

Responsive web design (RWD) is a type of web design which makes sure that the content of the website adjust automatically as per the size of the screen. Whether it is a tablet, a 3.5 inch smartphone or a huge television screen, responsive design ensures that contents are visible clearly as per the screen size on which a user is viewing the webpage.

Smartphones have modified the web browsing experience as more and more people now prefer browsing on the devices which fits in their hands. So, the companies having websites for their business or related purposes try to make sure that users do not face any issues during their browsing experience. This is where Responsive web design appears as a savior to all web designers and online business owners. Ethan Marcotte is credited to invent the term ‘responsive web design’ in the year 2010. Some major brands like Microsoft, Sony and Starbucks have also started using this design approach for their respective websites.

This method of website design utilizes elements like flexible images, fluid grids and proper implementation of CSS media queries. In a responsive website design, there are generally three columns of a webpage are visible on a computer screen whereas only single column of website is visible on a mobile phone. The web designing experts at Assure IT Solutions have expertise of designing numerous responsive websites for our esteemed clients.


The benefits of designing a responsive website for your business are countless. Some of the major perks of using this design approach include:

Expands target audience – Responsive websites ensure that your audience is not limited to desktops and laptops as countless number of people using mobile devices can also easily go through your webpages.

Increases revenue- Being user friendly website, it makes sure that there is repeated viewing of the website which ultimately increases revenue of your business.

Saves money and time - You don’t have to design and manage the website separately for mobile devices which helps in saving your time, resources and money.

SEO friendly – Google prefers websites for its search results which are designed with responsive approach. So, responsive design is sure to enhance your search engine results thereby giving you better conversions.

So, design a perfect responsive website from our web designing solutions and become a renowned name by expanding the reach of your online business in the digital dimension.